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Your Online Brand - 4 Tips to Help You Measure and Promote Your

How do you keep up to date on what people are saying about your brand on the internet? How do you know if your business or product is being mentioned or talked about online? Most Web site objectives fit neatly into five site types: e-commerce, lead generation, content/media, customer self-service and branding.

Branding has become a significant area of marketing investment for leading retailers, consumer brands, and other organizations seeking to gain greater mind-share of their target audiences and to improve their customer's online experience.

Here are 4 techniques that can help measure your online brand.

1: Find Out If People Are Talking About You

Google Alerts lets you monitor search terms that you specify. For example you could ask for alerts on your company name or product Google picks up a blog post or news feed or web page or a video/audio (tagged) file with your chosen search term mentioned you get an email.

2: Write A Blog And Ask For Comments.

Focus on creating quality content and you will get lots of feedback - good, bad indifferent - either way you get feedback.

3: Use The Search Engines

Regularly use different search engines to do a keyword search on your company or your company' s product.

You will get different results from each of the search engines and in some cases different media, i.e. not just text from websites but audio, video, newsfeeds, images, blogs. Do your competitors talk about you? Are they using your company name when using paid search?

4: Use A News/Feed Aggregator To Stay In Touch

Most people these days have a collection of websites and blogs that they like to keep in touch with. As this collection grows, so will the time it takes to physically go to each website to see if there has been new information uploaded recently. You can use a news aggregator that will manage this for you. So when you log in you can see at a glance what websites or blogs have new content.

Some popular news/feed aggregators are:

Google Reader




What About Brand Promotion?

Focussing on measuring your brand is of course putting the cart before the horse and assumes that you already have a clear marketing plan to promote your brand.

Increasingly organic search engine optimisation is seen as a growth area in the marketing budget along with social media plus more traditional pay per click advertising methods.

Search marketing budgets include a mix of in-house expertise, external consultants and software tools to help website owners with their branding campaigns.

What about your experience? How do you keep your finger on the pulse online? Have I missed any obvious techniques? How much focus do you have in promoting your brand online?