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Treat Addiction By Joining The Christian Rehab Program

Addiction is a social menace that has been eating away at society for decades. Addiction is basically a disease condition. Some may differ and consider it a choice but according to Dr. Alan I. Leshner, who is the chief executive officer of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and former director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), in some people the brain function and scan shows that their brain is different from people who are not addicted. In early stages it might depend on choice but once the addiction sets in there is no choice.

Leshner in fact asserts in his studies that an addict has a "metaphorical switch in the brain". Once the change sets in there is no control. They enter into a compulsive behavior of an addict. That is why an addict often replaces on his/her addiction problem even after complete recovery. Leshner and his contemporaries believe that ?drug addiction should be approached like other chronic diseases, such as diabetes and high blood pressure?.

Do not worry if you have just realized that your dear ones are addicted. Even if you do not have any insurance coverage you can still take a complete treatment program in an established drug rehabilitation center. There are several drug rehabilitation centers that function on a non-profit basis. Such non-profit organizations often use the Christian rehab program for treating patients through an approach of faith. Christian rehab program treat patients with faith-based approach. It is somewhat different from the normal secular addiction recovery programs. It involves the following:

Individual Counseling: To overcome physical and mental trauma and weakness over repeated drug use, different treatment centers arrange for personal counselors for the individual. These are therapy session to get a perspective on the individual?s condition and thereby devise a suitable treatment program. Psychological motivation from an expert individual helps fight addiction. The counselors are trained and committed to help individual meet their weakness and overcome their adversities with strength and conviction.

The two work on confronting problems head on and find the strength to say no to addiction.

Drug and Alcohol Group Counseling

Group counseling is another important part of being in the rehab center. Group counseling in Christian rehab program is supported in order to build trust on someone who has already gone through the process.

Pastoral Counseling for Addicts and Alcoholics

Pastoral Counseling is a cornerstone of the Christian rehab program. Here faith is established through readings and discussions on the teaching of Bible and the life story of Jesus in order to instill core Christian values like patience, perseverance, faith, and forgiveness. It acts as an inspiration to overcome fear and weakness.

Christ-Centered Twelve Step Program

The twelve step process from Alcoholics Anonymous is practiced here, but based on the teachings of Christ as the epicenter.

Church Attendance

At the treatment center regular church attendance is favored. Regular church attendance has proven to be beneficial for recovering people.

Education in Chemical Dependency

The most important part here is to know about the disease and different addiction problem that the generation faces. Unless we educate our self properly on the disease and the science of it, it would be vastly impossible to stop the effects it has on our body.