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The Top 10 Moustaches In Film

To put it out there I?m much more of a beard man myself, moustaches aren?t really my thing, they do intrigue me though, they come in every shape and size, they are synonymous with a wide range of people, your sophisticated gentleman, 1980?s porn star, a hill billy and cowboys. It has been said they give men a special source of righteous/evil power depending on the moustachee.

Tom Selleck tash The Top 10 Moustaches In Film

Tom Selleck has done more for moustaches than what gypsies have done for caravans, he?s that integral. Him and Sam Elliot share the co-regency for Moustache King of the Universe. When you think of Tom Selleck your first thought isn?t Magnum PI or 3 Men and a Baby, it?s his legendary tash.

Sam Elliot

Sam Elliot is co-regent of Moustache King of the Universe with Tom Selleck. Many conspiracy theorists have stated that his Moustache has completely engulfed his lips, which is the reason for his gruff voice.

Daniel Day Lewis

Not only is Daniel Day Lewis one of the greatest actors of all time, he is also a moustache connoisseur, his finest moustached achievement was as Bill The Butcher in Gangs Of New York. His other notable moustached performance was as Daniel Plainview in the brilliant There Will Be Blood.

Clark Gable

Clark Gable has the cr?me de la cr?me of gentlemans moustache, he could beat you at poker, drink scotch and bed your woman all at once. A master of the pencil moustache, he set the trend for gentlemen around the world.

Richard Pryor

Richard Pryor is the funniest man to do stand up comedy, period. he also starred in 45 movies. The alleged source of his supreme comedic prowess was his moustache. RIP

Burt Reynolds

When I think of a stereotypical moustached hollywood actor in the 1980?s I think of Burt Reynolds, he has the archetype bad pornstar moustache. His follwers have given his tash a hugely original name ? the Burtstache (I?m not lying google it or join the facebook fan page)

Charlie Chaplin

Thanks to Adolf Hitler this style of moustache never really caught on circa 1939. Chalie Chaplin is one of the most influential actors, comedians and directors in cinemas young history, it?s a shame his moustache resembles Hitlers.


Borat sports the perfect dorky moustache, he just looks awkward, this the the weird science teachers moustache, not very cool but undeniably awesome.

Hulk Hogen

Hulk Hogan has probably been in some of the worst movies of all time, they are so bad you could use them as coercive interrogation (torture). The only saving grace is his horseshoe moustache, if you focus on his tash the whole time, you?ll be able to get through them, just.

Jason Lee

Jason Lee has done great things for the moustache in the 21st century, beards have almost fully taken over but Jason is standing strong.