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The Futuristic Design of Teknic Jackets

The Teknic motorcycle jacket is a design that is available in many different styles. There are those that resemble a classic style of jacket for riding and those that have a bomber jacket design. Their Corsair design comes in the traditional tapered waist style and includes a front zipper that veers off to the left as it zips up. In combination with the round style snap collar, it gives the jacket a futuristic appearance. This product includes two large chest pockets and two roomy cargo pockets. It also comes with vented sections and adjustable waist and cuff bands.

While most of these jackets come in a black style, the Teknic motorcycle jacket referred to as the Violator is available in a silver material. This silver design is also futuristic in its appearance and includes the padding for shoulders, back and elbows found in all of their jackets. This style is also available in blue, black and a red and white design. This jacket is designed to look like a racing jacket. It also is anti-bacterial and non-allergenic. The construction includes an extra layer of cowhide in the elbow and shoulder areas to provide comfort and add durability.

Their Supervent Pro jacket has the look of a bomber style jacket and is available in black or silver. This design includes an airflow blade system in the shoulders that has removable blades that can be replaced. It also includes exterior elbow padding and has a nylon mesh used in the outer material. The outer section also uses a soft synthetic material for the main body construction. The garment also has additional front chest padding, a low racing collar and adjustable cuff and belt sections. The inner lining is also designed to be anti-bacterial.

These jackets are constructed with many roomy pockets and adjustable areas to make the jacket form fitting to the specific body type of the wearer. They all come with vents in the material to allow for better air circulation through the garment to keep the rider cool and comfortable. The lengths of these garments will vary according to the specific style and most are available in sizes to fit a man with a forty to fifty-two inch chest. The jackets have convenient front zip closures and some styles are available in different color choices. The various styles of the Teknic motorcycle jacket can be worn for racing, touring or just biking around town.