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The Cutting Edge of Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing changes fast and keeping up with those changes is daunting. What the latest for small business owners? New mobile marketing advances are in-store mobile offers, targeting consumers using public transport, and putting more emphasis on intelligently tailoring mobile ads to appeal to specific target markets.

The Growing Role of In-Store Mobile Offers

Today's marketers know they need to utilize geotargeting (a strategy that involves taking into account the target audience's real time location to make more effective ads) to get the most mileage out of their mobile marketing efforts.

Still dominating the geotargeting world is Foursquare. Foursquare is famous for helping people connect more intimately with businesses they are interested in. As a business owner, Foursquare is a potential goldmine for you. With it, you can send mobile offers to participating customers when they are in the vicinity of your store or business. This is an extremely powerful marketing strategy.

By targeting customers that are physically close to your place of business, you increase the odds that they will respond to your ads by visiting your business in person which increases your likelihood of a sale. Customers that actually visit your business are much more likely to buy something than those that do not. Even in the digital age, physical location is very important.

Public Transport Time: A Hidden Goldmine

The results of a huge research project recently conducted by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) revealed that one of the times consumers are most likely to respond favorably to mobile ads is when they are using public transport. Partially because people using public transport have available time and are more open to read/review things that they wouldn't normally have time for in the day. If you can reach people in this state of mind, you stand a reasonably good chance of making more sales.

How do you effectively target people using public transport? You have to use a combination of intelligent geotargeting and marketing savvy. First, plan on targeting cities that have well-developed public transportation systems. Next, make sure that you send out your ads during hours when people are most likely to be commuting.

Designing Ads More Effectively

It isn't enough to find out who is in your target market and targeting them. You have to tailor your ads to their individual wants and needs effectively. When mobile marketing was first starting out, a lot of mobile marketers made the mistake of ignoring important principles of human psychology and crafting overly simple ads. Since mobile marketing is more competitive now, you can't afford to make those mistakes if you want to be successful.

Take Advantage of the Desire for Instant Gratification

One of the most basic principles of psychology is that the vast majority of people would rather have something good now than later, even if by waiting they can net a greater reward. This principle has been widely used in most forms of marketing, but a lot of mobile marketers have failed to apply it adequately. To successfully apply it to your marketing efforts, make sure all your mobile ads emphasize an immediate payoff for your potential customers. Use discounts and other special bonuses and even giveaways to satisfy that need for instant gratification and stand out amongst your competition.

Build Your Brand, Don't Just Sell Products

Ads that only sell products are never as successful as ads that also help establish a brand. You always have to keep in mind that your ultimate goal is to build up your business as a whole, not just to sell a particular product or service. Try to give potential customers a consistent presentation of the kind of business you have, your service, your benefits and really drive home your value. If you do this, you will help make your business more memorable in their minds. Using distinctive slogans or catchphrases can really help assist with this process.

Mobile marketing isn't easy, and it's been getting harder. As more mobile marketers target a limited number of potential customers, more people are learning to ignore ads that they get on their Smartphone's. It's important with every tool and with every promotion that you stay on brand and work towards communicating what your brand value is.

Questions to Ask Yourself to Help You Get Ahead with Mobile Marketing

1. Do I have a specific plan for using in-store mobile offers successfully? 2. What cities near my area have good public transportation systems that a lot of people use? 3. Do my ads do a good job of appealing to peoples' desire for instant gratification? 4. Am I trying to build a brand and not just sell a product?