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Self-Worth Building - All I Do Is Win

"All I do is win, win, win no matter what!" These are the first few words to the chorus of the song. Say that to yourself ten times in a row with conviction and see how you feel afterward. It is a statement that speaks to your heart, mind and body even when your life's circumstances say, "I lose, again."

Here are ways to use these words in your everyday life to help you with your self-worth and confidence level.

It is known that most people do not enjoy losing in life. However, anytime you lose, find the lesson in the situation. After you have found the lesson, be confident that everything has its time and your day will come. In the meantime strengthen every worth muscle you have and tell yourself ten times, "All I do is win!"

If by chance you are going through a time in your life that no one seems to understand you, you can turn it around and try your best to get a better understanding of them. What does this do? It takes your mind and heart out of "me" mode and helps you to focus on a bigger picture. Guess what? Once you have tried to understand another, you will feel differently. That's a sign of a winner. So, after this lesson, stop and tell yourself ten times, "All I do is win." It may seem as if you have lost because you took the low road of humility, but, you have won, again!

When your household seems to be in complete and total chaos and you just know that you have lost your mate, children and yourself, remember that winners never give up. "All I do is win. All I do is win. All I do is win." If you do not believe that you are a winner, who will? A season of drama does not equal to a lifetime of it. So, pray for your family and continue to confess and believe that you win in life.

If you are continually down on yourself about everything. You feel that you are not good enough and that no matter what you do you will never be good enough, this one is for you. Stand in the mirror, look yourself in the eyes. If tears fall, let them. You, embody this statement. Allow your spirit to speak. "All I do is win and I will never give in." Repeat it to yourself with all the energy you have. Because you are a winner. I believe in you.

When your dreams seem far away. "All I do is win."

When love seems to laugh in your face time and time again. "All I do is win."

When that promotion has not come yet. "All I do is win."

When you want to give up and bow to the storms of life. "All I do is win."