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Legendary Bags - Last Forever

Most of the women are mad about handbags, which are regarded as their best friends, especially the legendary ones, such as Hermes Kelly Bag, Chanel 2.55 Bag, Lady Dior Handbag and Louis Vuitton leather goods.

Herm?�s Kelly Bag

Herm?�s ranks first on the Most Extravagant Handbags list, and Kelly Bag is certainly on the most-wanted list of Herm?�s. Herm?�s Kelly Bag was named after the actress Grace Kelly, whose story sounds amusing and intriguing. The magnificent actress Grace Kelly married Prince of Monaco, and she was reluctant to show her bulging belly in public when she was pregnant. Therefore, she tried to prevent the paparazzi from reporting her pregnant stomach with her Herm?�s bag. People began to realize why she did so and the elegant handbag became a symbol of Grace Kelly. From then on, it has been known as the "Kelly Bag".

Chanel 2.55 Bag

Chanel is a very well-known brand which is loved by women all over the world. The Chanel 2.55 bag, one of the most iconic designer bag in the world, remains alluring as it was 50 years ago in 1955. Coco Chanel, the designer of this exquisite masterpiece,also the founder of the famous fashion brand Chanel, returned to the fashion industry in 1954 and started to design the handbag. It is called the 2.55, because it was released in February 1955.

The Chanel 2.55 chain bag is a rectangular shaped bag, varying in size from approximately 7.5 inches wide and 5.75 inches tall to approximately 14 inches wide and 9.8 inches tall. It also features a chain shoulder strap, which allows a woman's hands to be free. Coco Chanel got this inspiration from her childhood---- her nanny could handle many things without taking a bag in hand. A zippered compartment is at the inside of the front flap. It is said that Coco Chanel hid love letters there.

There are many different color options available, and over the years, the kind of materials chosen to design the Chanel 2.55 chain bags have also changed, giving the classic design many new versions. a timeless handbag design.

Lady Dior Handbag

Christian Dior has come up with many unique creations when it comes to handbags. Yet The Lady Dior Handbag is so famous because it is related to Princess Diana.

The Lady Dior Handbag's legend began when madam Chirac, the first lady of France, sent Princess Diana a new model of Dior handbag as a gift at the opening ceremony of the Cezanne Art Exhibition in Paris Grand Palais in 1995. Immediately Dior gave this new model the graceful name Lady Dior. It is not know if this was the designer's intention, or someone combined the names and made up a beautiful legend.

Since then, the Lady Dior handbag became Princess Diana's closest accompany. She often took part in some major campaigns with it. ConsequentlyLady Dior spread all over the world.

Despite the new bag designs coming out in the market year by year, The Lady Dior handbag has never become unfashionable.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton, a leading manufacturer of high-quality travel goods established in Paris in1854, has been an entirely global brand associated with luxury travel for a long time.

Louis Vuitton used to a layetier to the wife of Napoleon III. The queen was worried about the travel Louis Vuitton luggage, for she didn't want to let her gorgeous attire crinkle in the long trip. Louis Vuitton solved her problem by placing the clothes properly inside the luggage ably. Moreover, he acquired extensive knowledge of the tastes of the French royalty that helped him to start the LV Company.

During the postwar period, Louis Vuitton noticed that luggages should be revolutionized, and he introduced the light and airtight flat-bottomed trunks as a pioneer. Before long, these new designs got appreciation and orders from many celebrities. Even today, many stars are using Louis Vuitton travel goods.

Louis Vuitton Speedy, a must-have item for lots of people around the world. This portable travel bag--- Speedy was released in 1930 and soon it attracted the attention of various stars and celebrities by its concise design and fashionable outlook.

The original size of Speedy was 30 inches. In 1965, Audrey Hepburn asked Henri-Louis Vuitton to make a smaller size Speedy bag, the Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 came to the world.

Now Speedy is available in several sizes: from 25 to 45. Since Audrey has an indispensable influence upon her fans, a Speedy 25 is still adorable. After 80 years, Speedy has become the classics of fashion goes with the abundant romance taste and elegant design.