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Blazers - More Than Just Another Jacket

If you were to choose one piece of clothing able to carry an outfit from day to evening, turn casual duds into all business and instantly make a woman feel like a million bucks, it's the blazer. Versatile, fashionable, blazers have been around for decades, yet their popularity remains.

Blazers range from the crisp fitted look of winter wool to the airy movement of summery linen blazers. They look great with pants, skirts and dresses, flats or high heels and with such a huge selection of styles, colors and cuts to choose from, it's hard to decide on just one.

While blazer jackets are commonly made from suiting, evening versions are often cut from rich fabrics with texture or sheen, such as velvet blazer or sultry silk. For weekend and casual wear, you can still enjoy the richness of a textured jacket by picking a corduroy blazer. Going weekend shopping? A denim blazer gives a fun twist on an old classic while bringing separates together with some good ole fashion style.

Blazer fit varies from jacket to jacket but, as in any garment, how you look will ultimately depend on fit. A tailored fit can accentuate a woman's waistline though a loose, unstructured cut is often flattering as well.

Most blazers will have some kind of pocket detail. Standard women's blazers generally have two pockets near the bottom of the jacket and/or one at the chest area. More tailored women's jackets will also have an inside pocket.

Button styling on blazers varies from double-breasted to single button. You'll want to try several to see which type looks and feels best to you.

Ladies blazers often have some type of shoulder pad in them, though shoulder size has varied greatly through the years. These days, shoulder pads are smaller, less obvious and can create a lovely silhouette for the wearer. Less structured jackets, such as those made from linen, might not have any padding at all.

We hope we've shed some light on the blazer for you. It's one of my favorite pieces of apparel and it might end up being your favorite, too. Happy blazer wearing!