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Acoustic Guitars: Going Retro

The advent of electric guitars has made acoustic guitars take a back seat among musical instruments. But that has not reduced the panache associated with true blue acoustic guitars. Whenever we think of a desperado wooing his senorita with a serenade, the image of a Spanish guitar, which indeed is acoustic in nature, flashes in our minds. An acoustic guitar is a guitar that uses only acoustic methods to make people hear the sound made by its strings. In literal sense, every guitar except electric guitars is acoustic in nature. Electric guitars also produce sounds with vibrations, but those sounds are amplified using electronic enhancements built into the guitar body itself.

Acoustic guitars are great for first timers, for whom the complexities of adjusting an electric guitar might be a little too much. Most acoustic guitars have soundboards and sound cavities built into them. The soundboard vibrates when the strings are plucked, and sound waves are produced from both the front and back faces. The sound box in the guitar provides both a support for the sound board and a resonant cavity and reflector for the sound waves produced on the back side of the soundboard. The air in this cavity resonates with the vibrations of the string, further increasing the volume of the sound. This sound mixes with the sound produced by the front face of the soundboard. The resulting sound is thus a mixture of the two that gives the guitar its unique sound.

All the sound energy in an acoustic guitar is produced by plucking the strings, and no external medium is present to amplify the sound. All enhancements are built into the same guitar. This is why acoustic guitars are easy to carry around and also easy to maintain for new guitar learners.

Before purchasing an acoustic guitar, the first thing that should be considered is the kind of music that the player wants to create. If it is country music or classical tunes, a nylon-stringed guitar is the best choice. But if playing heavy rock music is the target, the nylon stringed guitar would seem a bit sissy. The steel string guitars are certainly the best options in that case. Steel string guitars will initially make the fingers sore, but with time one will develop protective calluses on the fingers.

Playing an acoustic guitar signifies style and elegance. Learning an acoustic guitar is one of the best steps that a novice music learner can undertake.