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7 Cheap, Special Gifts For Your Boyfriend

I know boyfriends are hard to shop for. You want to give them something personal and meaningful, yet useful at the same time. Let's be honest - you can write the sweetest holiday poem in the world for your boyfriend, but it will most likely only be enjoyed for the moment and then stashed away in a drawer for the rest of the year. This is the predicament that all girlfriends go through when the holiday season hits. Plus, it's important to keep in mind budget as well.

For lovely ladies everywhere, here is a list of 7 unique and inexpensive (and I mean really cheap!) gift ideas for your special man this Christmas. Put in the effort and give him a surprise he won't forget!

1. Make chocolate-covered strawberries with sweet messages: Trust me, it's super easy and they are a personal favorite! Everyone loves chocolate-covered strawberries :) Pick up 1 or 2 cartons of strawberries from any grocery (depending on how many you want to make of course) as well as large bars of chocolate for melting. The chocolate bars are usually in the baking aisle, or them come in chip form, pre-packaged in boxes. Type of chocolate is up to you, but I prefer dark chocolate and white chocolate.

Melt the dark chocolate in a saucepan (low heat) and cover the strawberries completely. After chilling in the fridge until the chocolate crust is hard, melt the white chocolate to do little hearts and swirl patterns on the dark crust - this extra step makes them look store-bought and gourmet! Then obtain muffin holders and write sweet messages to your boyfriend on the bottom of each cup. Place one finished strawberry in each cup and present him with the batch. He's sure to love this sweet treat.

2. Make him a custom game bowl or hard case: Find a hard suitcase from any Goodwill or find nice, large snack bowls from Target. Clean the surfaces of these items appropriately and then decorate with stickers or decals from his favorite sports teams or music artists. For the game bowl, choose his favorite team color and decorate randomly with stickers from his favorite sports team. This will be useful as a snack dish for when he's enjoying games on TV. For the hard case, you can decorate with stickers, decals, or logos representing anything he likes so that he can have a custom and personalized carry-on.

3. Burn your own special music: A classic idea originating from the "mixed tape." Create your own special CD compilation with all of your special songs that you share with him. It's a meaningful gift that he can pop in and listen to whenever to remind himself of you and inspire those loving feelings.

4. Design a picture frame with a special quote: Purchase an inexpensive wood frame from Target or IKEA - just make sure it has a thick border to decorate. Paint and customize the frame with a quote or saying that's meaningful for the two of you. A lyric from "your song" works well for this. Pick a picture of the both of you that looks great... print, frame and it's finished!

5. Personalize a Christmas stocking: Buy a plain Christmas stocking and decorate with trinkets for a hobby he likes. For example, if your boyfriend enjoys computer programming or computer games, you can hot glue microchips, cables, old pawn shop video games, etc. onto the stocking. This idea turns out really cute and is useful for all the Christmas holidays to come. Finish off by stuffing the stocking with his favorite candies and Christmas treats.

6. Make a teddy bear with his and your initials: This idea sounds complicated and intimidating, but it's actually very simple! Go to your local fabric store and pick up remnant pieces for 50 cents each or so. Pick colors you know he likes. Then trace out two bear shape outlines and sew together. Add buttons for eyes and other fabric pieces for the ears and mouth area. Then, on the bear's bottom sew yours and his initials along with another fabric piece in the shape of a heart. Remember to stuff the bear before sewing him closed.

7. Custom t-shirts by you: Purchase a couple cheap plain color tees along with fabric paint. Create stencils out of cardboard and then trace, fill-in or spray with the paint. Even if you're not too artistically inclined, you can still create a chic-looking graffiti designed shirt. It doesn't need to look so filled in because simplicity is a hot fashion trend right now.